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To the Editor-

                                                                                                                                                                     July 3, 2017

I would like to express my disappointment with Lowell school committee member (and city council candidate) Robert Gignac's recent decision to abstain from voting on a location for a new high school in our city.

While there are differing opinions as to the legal role of the school committee in the siting process, I can think of few more important functions for a school committee member than to advocate for the future of education in our city.

By refusing to take a position on this critical issue, Mr. Gignac is purposefully avoiding an important responsibility given to him by the voters. He also is diluting the voice residents have in the process through and by virtue of his representation.

As a candidate for Lowell city council, I am running specifically to give residents throughout our neighborhoods a voice when important decisions like this one are made. I will take my responsibility as an elected official very seriously and I will have the courage to take a position on important issues when called upon.

Case in point: I personally believe that having a high school downtown is in the best interests of Lowell's residents and that keeping a downtown location would make the best financial sense. I also believe submitting the question to the voters by way of a referendum vote would be the best and most equitable way for our city to resolve this contentious decision.



Marty Hogan


Candidate for Lowell City Council

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