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Hogan for Lowell City Council Kick-Off Event



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Marty Hogan for Lowell City Council  Announces Bid for Lowell City Council and Kickoff Event

Pledges to be a fresh new voice for neighborhood issues, smarter development for city

LOWELL –Marty Hogan, a resident of Lowell's Centralville neighborhood, officially announced

today that he is running for a seat on the City Council.

In announcing his candidacy, the Hogan Committee announced the Kick-Off Event on Monday, May 13th, From

6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Dom Polski Club located at 10 Colburn St. Marty is proud to have this event  located here

as his starting point as he and his wife Chris live at 3 Wachusett St. in the Centralville Section and as it is also

the home to the Centralville Neighborhood Action Group (CNAG), of which he has been active member and currently the E-Board Secretary.

Marty pledges to be a stronger voice for neighborhood interests

and vowed to provide better representation for tens of thousands of Lowell residents whose

priorities are often overlooked by city councilors.


"It's no secret that Lowell's city councilors mostly represent a small portion of the city, and

it's no wonder why there are under-represented sections that receive a disproportionate share of attention," said

Hogan. "That's great for the people who live there, but it leaves the majority of residents who

live elsewhere without a seat at the table when important decisions are being made. I want to

bring a new perspective to our City Council, one that focuses on neighborhoods like the one I

live in. I will be a fresh new voice for all the people who live in Lowell and for all their

important views and concerns, most especially public safety."

Hogan also believes it is important for Lowell to improve the way it addresses community

development. "I want to start a new conversation about the future of our city that focuses on

infrastructure improvements instead of just looking for the next deluxe project to build," he said.

"I've seen first-hand the success cities like Boston have had with developing empowerment

districts for their growth. I want to look at some of those models for Lowell to make a better,

more intelligently-planned future for our city."


Hogan says he intends to be one of the first candidates to take out nomination papers when they

are made available by the City Clerk, and that he plans to wage an energetic

campaign throughout the rest of the year. "I look forward to meeting lots of new and familiar faces

throughout our neighborhoods and talking with them about ways we can improve our city,"

Hogan said. He plans to host an official campaign kickoff event later this summer.

For more information about Marty Hogan and his campaign, please visit


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